I'm the founder of TakeBackOil.com Simon Edwards


we help People achieve funding at no cost to trade in the oil market through a capital trading firm


trading oil (WTI & Brent Crude Oil) the potential profit from a trading methodology that we employ and teach, can help provide secondary income, can also help Change the World by engaging in our specific stages of impact, research into crypto currency, Coral, Agriculture, Aging and Future Brain Transplant


9/14/2020 i went through a traumatic experience that was to change my Life. The experience caused me to stay awake 7 days straight, on the 7th night I died, came back to Life the 8th day.

That was the last day I was to age.

The reason I don't age goes deeper than the event I went through 9/14/2020, prior to this event I had exposure to another persons blood, unintentionally, accidently, this person was my Soulmate, who is no longer on Earth, in addition I may of had exposure to unique air particule matter from a very old saxophone case, this case was in a unique enviroment, with exposure to heat and water over a long period of Time,

there might be addition factors that lead to my condition, 

This was over two years ago, we are on a Mission to help achieve a level of Peace across the World, Oil trading can pave the way for Peace.



Journey of Sound to the Brain